Sunday, 6 March 2016

Blogger Reborn!

So I finally came back to a bit of Yugioh after some intense YGOPro during the week. Boy, has it been a back to the future experience.

Anyway, which one of you people are still interested in this blog? If so, maybe we'll do a proper revival of it. Post replays and shizz like that. Otherwise, back from the dead, baby!

- Ghakim

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New way of duelling coming in September?

I know this blog has been dead and shit..... everyone has being too busy with N-S and School that no ones update this blog anymore.

Anyway, apparently Yu-Gi-Oh is taking a turn for a better/maybe worse in September.

Changes gonna be made in the way a deck is build to make it more "enjoyable"

Using deck contruction as a rule of thumb - possible changes

a) Number of cards in a Deck/Extra Deck
Good news more options to derp around with.
Bad news; The combos and loop it may create

b) Banning/Restricting Combo - For example if Card A is present in a deck then Card B cannot be in the deck as well. Or a restricted number of this Card A if Card B is in the deck or vice versa. This can also apply for Extra Decks too. Currently this type of banlist is in use for Duelmasters

Good News; Address the stupid derp combos some cards pulls out!!!! Which will naturally reduce the number of cards being hit in the banlist since most of them are Banned/Restricted due to combos.

Bad News; I cannot think of any

Anyway, that is all for my thought

Apparently still unsure whether what will be the changes. Dun think you guys will hear from me for a while or maybe for months.

Odin Kaiserchronik Kitaras

Monday, 18 March 2013

Ghakimx's Not-so-Tournament topping Gravekeeper's Deck March 2013

Hello minions,

Since the release of the latest ban list, I have decided to update my Gravekeeper's deck since there was a popular demand for a new Gravekeeper's deck. This is an update from my old list in July 2012. I had to make very difficult decisions affecting my overall deck consistency, so please take your time to see the changes made between the two deck lists.

Monsters (15) :
1x Fossil Dyna Pachypelano
1x Gravekeeper's Assailant
3x Gravekeeper's Commandant
3x Gravekeeper's Descendant
3x Gravekeeper's Recruiter
3x Gravekeeper's Spy
1x Sin Stardust Dragon

Spells (13) :
1x Book of Moon
1x Dark Hole
1x Forbidden Chalice
2x Gravekeeper's Stele
3x Necrovalley
3x Pot of Duality
2x Royal Tribute

Traps (12) :
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Dark Bribe
1x Dimensional Prison
2x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning
1x Starlight Road
2x Torrential Tribute

Extra deck:
3x Stardust Dragon
1x Utopia
1x Chaos Utopia
3x Sanwitch
3x Five Headed Dragon
3x Yasushi the Skull Knight
3x Dragon Master Knight
3x Armityle the Chaos Phantom

Side deck:

2x The Creator God of Light, Horakhty
2x Obelisk the Tormentor
2x Winged Dragon of Ra
2x Slifer the Sky Dragon
3x Destiny Board
3x Super Polymerization
3x Exodia the Forbidden Lord

Yes, the extra deck was very difficult to select. I had very little options but tried my best. As for the side deck, it guarantees a win if your opponent is trying to stall it out, so assembling the three gods into Horakhty is a guaranteed win.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it very very useful for all your future duels.
Because Horakhty is gay.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Asia 2013. SG cardmart

Apparently, Feng shui is not on my side lately, I just scrubbed the first 2 rounds and went off to a BBQ.

Here goes

Format: Swiss
Number of Participant: More than the number cards in my main, side and extra deck
Deck used: Phantom Beast Planes.

Apparently, I still have not got used to this deck, have to use Duelmaster Cards to subsitute as tokens and levels to keep reminding myself
But still.........

Round 1 vs Avengingknight (XX-) (Shi-en's army)

Game 1: Here was I thinking; here comes the forces of Grapha coming to bring me to hell. But instead of "Gates of the Dark World", I see a first turn "Gateway of the six" with Shi-en uniting all its Samurais! I was like...... holy shit!!. Best part, Shi-en seek the help of BFF Shock Master......

Facing the forces of such power, I decide to raise the white flag without revealing my deck.
Game 2: Nothing to say, what to do when its Gateway. Gateway got to do what its got to do

Round 2 vs Yee Shean (OXX) (Heros)

Game 1: Big Eye control Ninja

Game 2: Ray'stailth vs Alius. Honest is not helping there. Super Poly my monsters and proceed to bully my 100 Atk Ray'stailth

Game 3: Nothing to say here, phone vibrating as a "You are late for my BBQ!!" alert, Big Eye for kicks and got bottomless. Die due to time.

After that, due to timing issue, I decide to drop out.

Dmr4-v3aOn a side note, it is still kind of fun especially when Sebastian mistook my Duelmaster album for a YuGiOh Album (When I was packing up my "Tokens" into the album) and he got trolled. He attempts to piece my "Tokens" together. (I promised him that I will show him my favourite DM Psychic Set)

Which are these three. (And they are my tokens, in case some never see)

OK, fine. I am helping a few buddies to promote Duelmaster.

 Hoepfully, there will be more updates for this blog. (If I got the time)

Odin Kaiserchronik Kitaras


Saturday, 16 February 2013

What's new? A more all rounder group?

Ok, this blog is very dead.

Obviously it is very difficult to keep up with the habit of updating blogs when you got so many things to do.

Basically, there are the few recent changes in the group.

- It is more all-rounder; we have members who never really go into Yu-Gi-Oh. They are more to Duelmasterr/Other cardgames. I recently got myself back into the game. Still tryng to grasp the ropes from where I left off from 2009.

Anyway, what is new with Yu-Gi-Oh? Obviously the banlist; Seriously, it is kind of upsetting.

(Effect from 1 March 2013)
Sangan - Tour guide's BF is gone
Zenmaity - Konami is taking the key of this guy.

Wind-Up Magician - This really proves that Konami wants Wind-Up out of the picture.
One Day of Peace - LOLOL. Alternate wins takes a hit

Solemn Warning - Why are you there?

Tsukuyomi - If you wana support SpellBooks; Just say!!!
Thunder King Rai-Oh - Konami is High
Advanced Ritual Art - Perfection/Demise anyone?

Kalut - Fans of BF, let's see what happens
Spore - Whether you are semi-restricted or Unlimited makes no difference
Lumina - Konami hits wrning and let you go down

Shien's Smoke Signal - Fans of Six Sam, let's see what happens
Mind Crush - You kill rai-oh and bring this down????

Ok, on the so-called Bright Side, Konami finally understands how poor we are and they introduced the most cheapest Archetype EVER!!! Burning Knuckle!! (Cheapest So far.... >.<)

In Other News. (unrelated to Yu-Gi-Oh)
Banlist For Duelmasters is also out. So far in history; there is this rule.
If a card in Duelmasters is hit, no way it is gonna be set free.

The Hall of Fame.

Following cards are added to list being restricted to one. Effective from 15 March 2013

Seventh Tower - Free mana when you have 7? Sounds fair to me. Abusing 4 at one shot when you already have 7? Seems Legit

The Door of Miracle and Mystery - No short-cuts for Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush (If you are rich enough to have 4 in a deck), There are other reasons though. The tips section for this card have many possibilities. A hit that is legit.

Hoepfully, there will be more updates for this blog. (If I got the time)

Odin Kaiserchronik Kitaras


Friday, 4 January 2013

Gold Series 2013, new post for the year

The Blog is rather dead now. However, here is the "lists" for GOLD SERIES 2013
They may not be reliable. (Just trying to freshen the blog)
There are two different list

First One:

GS05-JP001 Maxx C
GS05-JP002 Nimble Momonga
GS05-JP003 Tsukuyomi
GS05-JP004 Junk Synchron
GS05-JP005 Dark MOnarch Caius
GS05-JP006 Spore
GS05-JP007 EHERO Airman
GS05-JP008 Effect Veiler
GS05-JP009 Blackrose dragon
GS05-JP010 Naturia Beast ---- normal rare
GS05-JP011 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
GS05-JP012 Lavalal Chain---normal rare
GS05-JP013 Mind control
GS05-JP014 Mage power
GS05-JP015 Smashing Ground
GS05-JP016 Maseleum of Emperor
GS05-JP017 Forbidden chalice
GS05-JP018 Macro Cosmos
GS05-JP019 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
GS05-JP020 Solemn Warning

Second one
(Taken from neoarkcradle)

GS05-JP002 Nimble Momonga
GS05-JP003 Tsukuyomi
GS05-JP006 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
GS05-JP007 Elemental HERO Stratos
GS05-JP008 Effect Veiler
GS05-JP009 Black Rose Dragon
GS05-JP010 Naturia Beast
GS05-JP011 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
GS05-JP012 Lavalval Chain
GS05-JP013 Mind Control
GS05-JP014 Mage Power
GS05-JP017 Forbidden Chalice
GS05-JP018 Macro Cosmos
GS05-JP019 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
GS05-JP020 Solemn Warning
I myself hope the first one is the real one. The only difference is GS05-JP006 
Odin Kaiserchronik Kitaras

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Magical (Prophecy) Decklist

This blog has been dead for the past month and I believe it's time to post something... I've been playing Magicals and Mermails for the past 2 months and both decks seem to be fairing pretty well. Mermails are kinda the meta now so I decided to talk about Magicals instead.

The deck has its easily summonable/searchable boss monster, High Priestess of Prophecy, which is pretty much a Master Hyperion. Although her attack is not as high, the means to bring out High Priestess is what makes her so feared. Apart from this, the deck also has draw power in terms of Wonder Wand and the Field Spell, and a little bit of control with Effect Veilers and Fiendish Chains.

Here's the list if you don't recognize some of the cards:-

Monsters -16
3x Effect Veiler
3x High Priestess of Prophecy
3x Spellbook Magician of Prophecy (Searches for Spellbooks)
3x Temperance of Prophecy (Helps summon High Priestess from deck)
2x Justice of Prophecy (Helps search High Priestess and Spellbooks from deck)
1x Stoic of Prophecy (Search for the above 2 monsters)
1x Night's End Sorcerer

Spells - 16
3x Wonder Wand
3x Spellbook of Secrets
2x The Grand Spellbook Tower
2x Spellbook of Life
2x Spellbook of Wisdom
1x Spellbook of Eternity
1x Spellbook of Power
1x Spellbook of Fate
1x Monster Reborn

Traps - 8
2x Fiendish Chain
2x Torrential Tribute
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

You'll notice most of the spells in this deck are Spellbooks, and they alone can get this deck going.

Spellbook of Secrets - The searcher, can search out any Spellbook card, including Spellbook Magician of Prophecy.
The Grand Spellbook Tower - The Field Spell which gives us additional draw power and recycles the Spellbooks.
Spellbook of Life - The monster reborn.
Spellbook of Wisdom - The forbidden lance, kinda.
Spellbook of Eternity - Works wonders with High Priestless.
Spellbook of Power - Attack boost with search.
Spellbook of Fate - Situational card which saved me a lot of times.

This deck has A LOT of searching and deck thinning going on. (Beware of Rai-Oh) Here's some of the little combos you can pull off.

- Summon Spellbook Magician, effect search 1. Equip Wonder Wand and tribute both to draw 2.

- High Priestess banish 1 Spellbook to destroy 1 card. Activate Spellbook of Eternity, return the banished Spellbook to your hand. Eternity makes another High Priestess ammo, or you can return it to the deck with the Field Spell, search it out with Secrets, and do it again.

- Summon Temperance or Justice, activate Spellbook of Life to banish Spellbook Magician and SS Night's End from graveyard, it will be level 4. Banish 2 cards from opponent's graveyard and proceed to synchro Arcanite Magician. It's just amazing with what you can do with Spellbook of Life and Night's End.

Apart from these, your main objective is to bring out High Priestess as fast as possible and control your opponent with her. Spellbooks of Life can bring her back from the dead, Spellbook of Power makes her an incredible 3500 ATK monster and Spellbook of Wisdom protects her from the nasty spells/traps your opponent might use.

There are actually more stuff this deck can pull off, but I am just listing down the usual plays. Try out this deck and feel its power. :)